About Us

RelKids Preschool is registered with the Virginia Department of Social Services as a religiously exempt child day center and strives to provide the best educational experience for its students in a Christian setting.

We provide hands-on learning, dramatic play, music, movement, and creative practices that are all innovative and meaningful in a loving environment. Our teachers are all highly qualified and gifted in their field.

The goal is to take our students as far as they can go, all while engaging them and nurturing their natural curiosity.

Meet Our Teachers!

Leslie Foster and Rachel Sterne hold BA degrees from Christopher Newport University, and are both licensed Virginia educators. They hold child abuse and neglect endorsements as well as CPR certifications.  Our teachers bring a total combined elementary classroom experience of 30 years. 

"We love young children and look forward to the opportunity to educate, nurture, and love your child."

Contact Us

Call: 804-694-9581 or 804-815-5015
Email: relkidspreschool@gmail.com

Daily Schedule

Each day we begin with meeting you and your child at the door at your assigned drop off time. 

Parents are required to wear a mask as you drop your child off to us at the front door.  We will then take your child’s temperature and perform a daily health screening. If your child does not have a fever and does not exhibit any symptoms of illness, he or she will enter into the classroom. We will wash hands and start our day with individual play.  

Students will be placed in permanent small groups and there will no intermingling amongst small groups. 

Small groups will participate in morning devotions, transition to a bathroom break, and then proceed to first circle time where we discover the learning goals for the day. We then travel to table time to enhance the lesson from circle. We finish our day with snack, outdoor or movement inside, and a story.

At all times, it will be our best practice to keep children socially distanced. At your assigned dismissal time, please return to the front door of the classroom, with your mask, keeping socially distanced from other parents.  

If someone other than a parent will be picking up your child, please provide us with a written note before dismissal that day. It is important that you are prompt for your child’s drop off and pick up time.  If you are late for drop off, your child will not be allowed to attend school that day as we are not staffed to fulfill regulations placed upon us after the assigned drop off time.

Late pickups will result in a $10 charge.  We are required to stagger pick up and drop off times and there can be no flexibility around your assigned time. 

Tuition & Fees


Tuition rates are as follows:

T/Th- 2-day class- $1500 a year/ $150 a month Sept-June
MWF- 3-day class -$2000 a year/ $200 a month Sept-June

All tuition prices are yearly and may be paid in full, twice a year, or monthly. If you choose to pay tuition monthly it is due by the first of the month.  All checks are made out to Relevant Ministries Church and you may send them in with your child as long as we are able to provide in-person instruction. 

If we are forced to cease in-person instruction, checks will be mailed to RelKids Preschool P.O. Box 1436 Mathews, VA 23109.  You will receive a tuition letter to sign at open house.

It is our every intention to provide your child with in-person instruction.  If required to cease in-person instruction, we will then transition to virtual learning.  Our website will be available all year for you to access educational content and support. Under virtual learning, we will provide daily videos, circle time, and activities.  If forced to cease in-person instruction, this will not close our school. 

A late fee of 25% will be added to the month’s bill if tuition is received after the 1st of the month.  All checks are payable to Relevant Ministries Church.

An annual supply/registration fee is due with the registration form to secure a spot for your child. This is a NONREFUNDABLE deposit.  These fees are as follows:

T/Th- 2-day class -$50
MWF- 3-day class- $75


Sick Children & Healthy Practices

At RelKids Preschool, teachers have been trained to do a daily health screening to exclude sick children from school.  Upon arrival, each child will have his or her temperature taken.  We will ask if fever reducing medication has been given and if anyone in the child’s household has COVID-19.  Your child will not be allowed in school if the following symptoms are observed:

Fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
Dry cough
Shortness of Breath
Loss of taste or smell
Sore Throat
Muscle Aches

Your child will need to be symptom free, without medication, for 72 hours before returning to school.  After completing our daily health screening, we will sanitize your child’s hands before we enter the classroom.  Once in the classroom, we will require regular hand washing throughout the day.  Your child will be taught CDC recommended handwashing procedures.

Face coverings are not required on children under 10 years of age and will not be used in the classroom. We will encourage children to cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue and then proper handwashing. Under Executive Order 63, staff and children in childcare programs are exempt from the order to wear masks inside. Teachers will ONLY be wearing masks at drop off and pickup times, designated bathroom times, and other times at our discretion when close contact is necessary.

     All parents/guardians are required to read and sign the COVID-19 PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY SPECIAL PROGRAM ATTENDANCE ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND DISCLOUSRE FORM. This will make you aware of the risks associated in sending your child to school and release RelKids Preschool and Relevant Church of any responsibility should your child contract COVID-19. Parents and guardians are responsible for notifying RelKids Preschool immediately if any household member has come in contact with or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19. 

Parents/guardians will receive a bi-weekly text using Remind that requires you to let the school know about possible exposure.  You must reply to this text for your child to attend school that week.    

RelKids Preschool has a No Nit Policy in place.  This is a healthy standard for the school and our children.  This policy minimizes head lice infestations and keeps our school lice and nit free.  The No Nit Policy encourages each family to do its part at home with routine screening, early detection, accurate identification, and thorough removal of lice and nits. If nits or lice are found, you will be asked to come pick up your child immediately, and he or she may not return to school until nit free.  Your child will be screened upon return for nits as part of our daily health screening.


Inclement Weather

A staff member of RelKids Preschool will attempt to notify you by the method listed on the registration form if school will be delayed or closed.  We are unable to control the weather and safety is our top priority.

RelKids Preschool will follow the Mathews County Public Schools for all school closings regarding inclement weather.  We have built in days in our school calendar to allow for the possibility of school closings due to weather.

Parties & Snacks

Each day your child will need a snack and drink in a lunchbox. For example, your child can bring an apple and a water bottle in their lunchbox.

Due to COVID-19, we will not be having classroom parties with outside food and parental involvement. Also, there we will not be able to celebrate individual birthdays as we cannot allow anything to be sent in. We will celebrate your child with a birthday crown and song.  


We use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior. Carol McCloud’s Have You Filled a Bucket Today is a wonderful book and resource for you as it is what we use in the classroom to begin building bucket filling behaviors in our children. 

They receive a drop in their bucket when caught behaving well and following directions.  After they fill their bucket they get to choose a prize from a prize box. You will be notified when your child fills his or her bucket.

Termination Procedures

RelKids Preschool reserves the right to terminate enrollment of a student for any reason and must give parents/guardians two weeks’ notice of scheduled termination of services. If you wish to appeal your child’s termination of enrollment, submit a written letter for review within 24 hours of notice to the Relevant Ministries Church Board, Chairperson.

RelKids Preschool requires two weeks’ notice from parents/guardians when un-enrolling a student. Parents/Guardians are responsible for payment of services during those two weeks of the termination period.

Code 63.2-1716

RelKids Preschool, under the Virginia Department of Social Services, and as a religiously exempt cite, is required to report any injuries or death to a child to the Commissioner.

Required for Enrollment

You need the following to complete the enrollment process:

  • A completed registration form
  • A physician’s or physician assistant’s signature on a school entrance form or a letter stating that your child is up to date on immunizations (also MUST BE SIGNED)
  • A copy of a birth certificate
  • Supply/registration fee
  • Signed statement of agreement with Policies and Procedures
  • Proof of health insurance

*COVID-19 Guide*

*Please understand that as the COVID-19 emergency changes, our polices may need to change to reflect the current regulations.  All policies listed above are subject to change.  If change is needed, an update will be made to our COVID-19 GUIDE which can be found in the link below.

COVID-19 Guide

Contact Us!

Call: 804-694-9581 or 804-815-5015
Email: relkidspreschool@gmail.com​